Fuck A Fan Raffle Contest

Please read all details before entering

What Is It:

This is not a direct exchange of money for sex.

I do not do "Meet Ups," This is the only chance of meeting me in person. And NO, there is no "one big payment, to guarantee a win." The contest is legitimate and fair to everyone, If you buy even one ticket, you can win. Of course, just like any raffle, the more tickets you have, the greater chance of winning


* Essentially, this is a raffle contest is meant for me to be able to meet a fan in person and then, my company will personally hire the winner as a talent, to film with me in a video for my Onlyfans website, if they are comfortable with it. Filming is not required, and if you do film, you do not have to show your face.  All legal paperwork and testing will be required. (Full panel blood and urine STD testing) all paid for by me.

 * This raffle is legal! It is meant to be a fun experience for both me and the winner.

All expenses will be covered by my company, including all travel, stay and food costs to make this happen.

* You can enter, regardless of where you live, including internationally! Anyone can enter, male, female, trans etc. as long as you are a member of my only fans. I will pick the winner at random, live, here on my only fans on August 1, 2021. If you win we will work with your schedule to make sure this happens, no matter how soon or long we have to schedule things.


How to enter:

* Tip the desired amount HERE (Also linked below) on Onlyfans 

 After you purchase your tickets you will get a confirmation message from me on Onlyfans with your total number of tickets that you currently have.

* There is no limit you can purchase as many tickets, as often as you want!

Cost: 50% OFF

Tickets Are $10 $5 Each

Or Bundle And Save:

10 Tickets - $45 (You Save 10%)

25 Tickets - $112 (You Save 10%)

50 Tickets - $200 (You Save 15%)

100 Tickets - $300 (You Save 40%)

** 1,000 Tickets - $1,250 (You Save 75%) + Get A FREE Custom Video **

VIP Members Always Get 2Xs The Tickets They Buy

Number Of Tickets Currently Sold: 2,101