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How to get a Custom Video

Fill out the form below, customizing and describing your video.

You will receive a price quote and payment form within 24 hours to the email you provide on the form below. Make sure you put the correct email address, in order to receive your quote.

Videos will be sent Via Dropbox

*Custom Videos can range anywhere from $100 - $2,500

For any videos other than Solo videos, I choose the male or female talent. 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, My crew is not currently available to help with production so there is a 24 hour processing time added to the delivery time you select. Please keep this in mind when selecting your delivery time frame. Also, any video including GG, BGG, BBG etc. is not currently available due to quarantine. I can still shoot Solo and Boy/Girl videos at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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